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Nephilim-Giants-Genesis-6-Days-of-Noah-e1345980246337Prudentius (A Roman Christian poet) in the fourth century A.D., expressly stated that the male gorgonean head is the head of Nimrod the Huntsman;

From “Tuetonic Mythology“: Mimer’s (A giant) clan created the season and division of time (see a short video from the British Natural Museum’s presentation on Babylon HERE for Babylonian use of the number 60 to divide time as in seconds, and minutes).

From Mimer comes the first culture, for in him man’s wit and wisdom have their source. This can be clearly equated to Nimrod, whose kingdom Babylon created division of time, and created culture, and from whom (thru the knowledge and wisdom of the horoscopy) wisdom has it’s source.

Teraphim’s, or decapitated heads, were called “The spirit(s) of the earth”, and one of the most filthy,cruel, and vindictive contrivances in the real or pretended art of witchcraft. A Teraphim was the head of a person which could then, thru magic, be made to come alive. This is why witchcraft and Satanists use the Skull as a sort of “Crystal”, and why in today’s culture “Skull and Bones” are a fashion statement.

Nimrod was said to have been killed by his wife (Semiramis, from whom all female godesses were derived), and his head torn from his body.

According to Targum Pseudo-Jonathan, Teraphim were made from the heads of slaughtered first born male adult humans, shaved, salted, spiced, with a golden plate placed under the tongue, and magic words engraved upon the plate; it was believed that the Teraphim, mounted on the wall, would talk to people. During the excavation of Jericho by Kathleen Kenyon, evidence of the use of human skulls as cult objects was uncovered, lending credence to the Rabbinical conjecture.

The large eyes of the teraphim (called “google” eyes), are symbols termed “the divine eyes”

They can be represented by spirals, wheels, concentric circles, swastikas, firewheels, and other images.