Helios (the sun god Nimrod) Column in London, England

Helios (the sun god Nimrod) Column in London, England


(From the Book of Rolls):  “This book is one of the hidden books of Saint Clement the Apostle, disciple of Simon Cepha, which Saint Clement commanded to be kept secret from the laity. Some of them were called “The Book of the Rolls,” and there are the glorious genealogies and mysteries which our God and Saviour Jesus the Christ committed to his disciples Simon and James, and what things will happen at the end of time, and how the second coming of our Lord the Christ from heaven to the world will happen, and what will become of sinners and such like. This is the sixth of Clement’s books, treasured up in the city of Rome since the time of the Apostles.”

In the following extract’s from the Book of Rolls, you will see that:

  • Nimrod was a giant.
  • Nimrod learned the secret’s of Astrology and time-keeping
  • Nimrod built “walled cities” as much to keep people in as to keep enemies out
  • Nimrod was the “Sun King” and Solomon, upon seeing one of his temples, built a Sun Temple himself.
  • Solomon, from the depravity he underwent from his satanic (Babylonian-worshipping) wives, began worshipping Satan himself.

“In the days of Nimrod the giant, he looked at fire from heaven, and fire came up from the earth. When Nimrod saw it he adored it, and appointed in the place where he saw it people to worship it, and to throw incense into it.”

On Nimrod learning the secret’s of Astrology:  “the knowledge which Nimrod learned from Bounitar, verily Bounitar the son of Noah learned it from God, the great and glorious, for it is the counting of the stars, and the years and the months; the Greeks call this science Astronomy, and the Persians call it Astrology.”  (Note, Bounitar is said to be a 4th son of Noah’s after the flood).

On Nimrod’s building of  “walled cities”:  “When Peleg had reached fifty years, Nimrod journeyed to the province of Mesopotamia, and built Nisibis, and Raha (Edessa), and Haran; to every city he put a wall, and he called the wall of Haran by the name of Harteeb, the wife of Sem, priest of the beautiful mountains.”

On Nimrod’s effect on King Solomon and the temple of the Sun (Nimrod is the Solar King):  “When Solomon passed by Sabad, a building built by Kourhi and Abu Nigaf (they whom Nimrod had sent to Bila‘am the priest when he heard of his occupation with the stars, and he built there this altar to the Sun and a stone fort), Solomon built there also a city called the City of the Sun.  Solomon took one thousand wives, as we said above about him; and they deteriorated his mind when he exceeded in his love to them, and they got the power to mock at him, and it caused him to slide away from the worship of God; he sacrificed to idols and worshipped them instead of the Lord. ”