Bible Geneaology

As part of reading the Bible, I took an interest in seeing if the Bible shows the total number of years from Adam, and if so, for how long unbroken?  I came up with the following spreadsheet, that you can view by clicking the link below.

All calculations are from when Adam was created, designated as year zero.  Of course, we do not know what age Adam was on the day God created him (was he a man?  The Bible seems to indicate so).

However, putting that aside, you can view the number of years that had taken place at the birth of each succeeding descendant.

For instance:

If you go down to Noah, you will see in parenthesis that he lived 950 years.  You will also see, in column B, that he was born 1056 years after Adam.  Continuing across the spreadsheet, column L indicates he was 500 years old when his sons were born.  And we can see that Lamech and Methuselah were still alive.  However, all born of the seed of Seth die just before the flood; so that all of the line of Seth (The good seed) had left the Earth except for Noah and his sons at the time of the Flood.

Continuing across, you can see that Noah was STILL ALIVE when Abraham was born.

I hope this list will provide some help in understanding the events which took place up until Abraham.  If I confirm other dates, I will add them to the link below.

View the Geneology timeline from Adam to Abraham