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IF YOU DONT STAND BEHIND OUR TROOPS2 BLK-500x500In these days of false patriotism, military hubris, and people who never served in the military wanting to destroy other people who never did anything to us, it is refreshing to know that, over 45 years ago, at a time when it was most disadvantageous to him, a man of renown stood to stand against the evil his country was engaged in.

Listen, if you can, and try and distinguish 99% of what he says then, from what we have done since the invasion of Iraq 2003.  I will suggest that the time for all Christians to make a conscious decision not to support our countries “war of terror” has long since passed…It is easy to stand up and be part of a mass hypnotized and zombified generation that never knew what sacrifice was, and yet claim that God has proclaimed us as the moral and righteous leaders of the world…much harder to follow Christ’s commission to love all men as ourselves…we owe our allegiance to the One, the Rock, and not a piece of cloth that is painted in red, white and blue.  And as for me, I ain’t gonna study war no more