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A fairly recent, in-depth archaeological dig at the north end of the Dead Sea is making an incredible finding – the probable discovery of Sodom, the ancient city that was destroyed by God for it’s wickedness.

In the article cited above, a team of world-renowned archaeologist’s have discovered key findings at the site that link it to Sodom, some of which I will list from it here:

  1. The site lines up with the middle-bronze age, same as Sodom.
  2. There are 25 geographical indicators that align the site to Sodom.  For reference, the city of Jerusalem has only 16 indicators that align it with the Biblical Jerusalem.
  3. The 25 indicators mean it is the most identifiable site of all the Old Testament cities in the world today.
  4. Pottery, architecture, and levels of destruction all line up with the age of Sodom.
  5. The Director of General Antiquities (Jordan) has been involved with the dig.  A major Archaeologist from Jordan has proclaimed “This is perhaps the most important archaeological discovery of the modern era.
  6. Major evidence of sudden and swift destruction by fire “…ash and destruction layers in the terminal Bronze Age strata MB-2…” have been discovered at the site.
  7. Skeletal remains at the site exhibit evidence of a massive, swift death by fire and debris:
    1. “… What we found was ash, debris, and destruction material with no indication of insertion cuts for graves or primitive burial indentations. They weren’t burials…”
    2. “…To add further intrigue, this archaeological stratum was clearly within the Middle Bronze Age horizon. It was the terminal destruction of the city…”
    3. “…the bodies splayed out, face down, joints twisted, toes hyper-extended, with many signs of violent burial within collapsing debris. In short, the bodies were extremely traumatized in their death…”
    4. “…The legs were flexed in the wrong way, the knee joints were ripped apart, one arm was broken with left palm up, and the other arm was smashed under the pelvis. In all, it showed the signs of a sudden, ghastly death…”
    5. “… initial evidence points towards a large-scale destruction from a catastrophic event. I say this because, in that area, the skeletal remains were traumatized by an east-to-west directional event, demonstrating that the catastrophe came from a particular compass point…”
  8. In addition, strong evidence seems to indicate the site was set up as a temple of worship for the Sun and Moon and the “hosts of Heaven”:  “…With our recent discoveries we found a large number of megalithic features: standing stones, menhirs, astronomical alignments, dolmens, henges, stone circles, and a host of other structures made of very large stones. Our staff anthropologist, Lucy Clayton, is collaborating with us on the interpretation of these. We’ve also got two of our senior field archaeologists, Dr. Steve McAllister and Dr. David Maltsberger, and an outside astronomer, working on the significance of our stone alignments.“To add more fascination to this, we were on site during solar and lunar events, which showed the ancient inhabitants had a clear understanding of astronomical occurrences….”
  9. And finally:  “In all of this we may also have found the reason that Joseph and his large Egyptian entourage mourned Jacob’s death in this same location for seven days, in Genesis 50. You know, the area of Tall el-Hammam is biblical Abel Mizraim and Abel Shittim. Abel means ‘place of mourning’. That’s what our megalithic field is—a sacred landscape purposefully constructed for the mourning of ancestors. It’s quite probable that the area became known as ‘Abel’, the place of mourning, after the destruction of Sodom and the Cities of the Plain….”

Here is a video recounting the experiences found at the site: