Cover of “Masonry Dissected”, written in 1730

The book “Masonry Dissected” was published in 1730 by Samuel Pritchard, himself a Freemason, designed to reveal three degree’s of Masonry.  In this, we find confirmation, that once again, Mason’s believe Nimrod was the father of Masonry.  This, the first type of AntiChrist, they claim with joy to be their originator.  Following are some highlights of the tract, which you can view HERE

  1. [intro] “…For at the Building of the Tower of Babel, the Art and Mystery of Masonry was first introduc’d, and from thence handed down by Euclid, a worthy and excellent Mathematician of the Egyptian, and he communicated it to Hiram, the Master­ Mason concern’d in the Building of Solomon’s Temple in
    Jerusalem, where was an excellent and curious Mason that was the chief
    under their Grand­Master Hiram, whose Name was Mannon Grecus, who
    taught the Art of Masonry to one Carolos Marcil in France, who was
    afterwards elected King of France, and from thence was brought into
    England in the Time of King Athe Stone, who order’d an Assembly to be
    held once every Year at York, which was the first Introduction of it into
    England, and Masons were made in the Manner following.
  2. [page 7] – talking about the ancient history of the Star and Garter, it goes on to state “…which Antiquity is accounted, according to the
    Rules of Masonry, as delivered by their Tradition, ever since Adam, which I
    shall leave the candid Reader to determine…”.  In effect, they are saying Masonry was from Adam in the Garden.
  3. [page 7] – The Mason’s believe there was a civilization prior to Adam in the Bible:  “…From the Accepted Masons sprang the Real Masons, from both sprang the Gormogons, whose Grand­Master the Volgi deduces his Original from the
    Chinese, whose Writings, if to be credited, maintains the Hypotheses of
    the Pre­Adamites, and consequently must be more antique than Masonry…”
  4. [page 22] They claim that Jesus Christ was accepted as a Free Mason while he was on Earth:  “…The Reason why they Denominate themselves of the Holy
    Lodge of St. John’s, is, because he was the Fore­runner of our Saviour,
    and laid the first Parallel Line to the Gospel (others do alert, that our
    Saviour himself was accepted a Free Mason while he was in the Flesh) but
    how ridiculous and prophane it seems, I leave to judicious Readers to
  5. [page 25] – The Mason’s also claim that the chief architect of the 1st Holy Temple, Hiram, was a Mason who was murdered at the site.  They say that King Solomon then “order’d him to be taken up and decently buried, and that 15 Fellow­ Crafts with white Gloves and Aprons should attend his Funeral [which
    ought amongst Masons to be perform’d to this Day.].  Thus, we see why Mason’s always wear white aprons (or at least why they THINK they do this)