We were first called to be stewards, yet we have become destroyers...

We were first called to be stewards, yet we have become destroyers…

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It was an Olive tree that gave proof to Noah that God did not destroy the Earth, thus ensuring we could one day be reconciled to Him through Jesus

It was a tree that Abraham sat under when God and the angels came to announce that his line would be a blessing upon all nations, through which the Savior of the World would come.

It was a tree that provided the staff Moses used to part the Red Sea, ensuring the survival of the “root of Jesse” through which the Savior would appear

It was a tree that supplied the wood to the Ark of the Covenant, upon which God presented Himself as concerned with the affairs of humanity, and showed how none, no not one, could appear before God without an interceder

It was a tree (The cedars of Lebanon) that King David used to build his palace and King Solomon used to build the first Holy Temple, where God promised to be with us if we were faithful to Him

It was a tree that provided the wood for the cradle of Our Lord Jesus

It was the tree that provided the earthly profession of Jesus as a carpenter while he carefully prepared for his Ministry

It was a tree that provided the wine barrels where Jesus performed his first miracle

It was a Palm tree that was used to lay down a mat for Jesus to enter into Jerusalem

It is the tree that Jesus used to illustrate that (c)hristians did not come from his branch – ” A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit” Matthew 7:18

It was a tree with grafted branches that Jesus used to illustrate how ALL could be reconciled to God through Him

It was a tree that was sacrificed itself, to provide the sacrifice for the whole world in the Crucifixion

It was a tree that the prisoner hung upon, when he was assured he would be in Paradise with the Lord Jesus

It is the tree’s that provide life-giving oxygen, fruits, nuts, and berries that man cannot duplicate in his quest to be gods

Finally, it is a TREE of LIFE that God kept from Adam, but offers us through His Son, and a tree will someday be the resting place for my carnal flesh, which I will donate back to the trees when my bones turn to dust and my spirit returns home,  so yes, I AM A TREE HUGGER…

“…Surely I come quickly…Even so, Come Lord Jesus” – Revelation 22:20