Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee.”

                                             Isaiah  26:3 KJV
     A businessman once said:   “Sometimes, after waking in the morning, I am appalled by the thought of all the duties and appointments that await me in the next eight or ten hours.
     “Then I repeat to myself the words:  ‘In quietness and confidence shall be thy strength;’  and “thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee.’  It is astonishing how quickly the load is lifted once I remind myself of God’s presence and help.  The strain and tension disappear and in its place a feeling of serenity and peace wells up within me.”
     Dr. Frank Lauback learned to be aware of the presence of God by disciplining his thoughts to think on God once every minute.  He called it “the game of the minutes.”  Jacob Boehm, a sixteenth-century saint, also spoke of a practice that involved an almost continual awareness of God’s presence:  “If Thou dost once every hour throw thyself…into the abysmal mercy of God, then Thou shalt receive power to rule over death and sin.
     The airplane pilot radios a message to a control tower every hour and receives an answer.  Thus he keeps “on the beam.”  He is in touch with the controller, he receives his orders, and reports his position.  He knows if the station does not hear from him at the appointed time, they will be alerted to the fact he and his passengers may be in danger.
     Not everyone has Laubach’s or Boehm’s discipline.  But wouldn’t it be reassuring to talk to and hear from the control tower at least every hour during the day?  It is as simple as uttering a prayer or repeating a scripture – “Thou wilt keep me in perfect peace.”
[Thanks to my wife Jill for sending me this]