Turning Darkness Into Light

"You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light."
Psalm 18:28

It shouldn’t take a serious illness to make us stop running around and discover what’s really important, but sometimes it does. Sometimes a catastrophe can be a blessing in disguise.

Roger Bone, a physican in Ohio, was diagnosed with renal cancer. Surgeons recommended his right kidney and adrenal gland be removed. After the diagnosis, some of us might have isolated ourselves, become bitter and afraid, or tried to deny that anything serious was wrong. Roger Bone teaches us there’s a better approach. He says these four observations have become "a way of life" for him.

1. Good health is often taken for granted; however, it is the most precious commodity one possesses.

2. One’s spouse, children, family, and friends are the essential ingredients that allow one to endure
an experience such as a serious illness.

3. When faced with death, one realizes the importance of God and one’s relationship to God.

4. The things one does throughout life that seem so urgent are, most of the time, not so important.

You can come through the fires of your life with the same positive outlook. Begin today by considering what you value most and hold dearest in life. You may be surprised how your priorities change – and how much richer your life becomes.