The Youtube comments on this video are extremely vulgar and ignorant of Satanic worship. However, if you are a Christian, I don’t have to tell you this is a full bore, satanic ritual on full display to include the human sacrifice…

Note two things about this performance.  The “possessed” satanic horse, which is a symbol of Nimrod as derived through Perseus:

“…Pegasus was the Horse of Aurora, who alone of the goddesses used to mount on horseback…but Perseus himself, and the horse Pegasus, on which he rode, are one and the same, the horse in brazen armour being the symbol of the Deity in Persia, from Perseus being winged himself, and not only borne upon the wings of Pegasus.  The Lion was the animal symbolic of the Sun, and the Griffins, or winged lions were likewise sacred to him, and gold, which I have explained to mean aour or solar flame, by which Perseus was begotten, was in their keeping…The history of this man doth so connect itself at every point with the history of Nimrod, with that of the East, with that of the apostacy of mankind from the worship of God, and with the abominable practises of sorcerey and worshippers of Satan in all times, that any one, whose enquiry embraced all those topics, would naturally repose upon him, as upon a sure footing-place from which to set his argument in motion…” ref:  Nimrod: A Discourse on Certain Passages of History and Fable, Volume 1

This same Pegasus is a formation in the Autumn sky, and “…This constellation appeared to both the Phoenicians and the Egyptians as a boat. According to some Jewish legends, the constellation is the might hunter Nimrod’s horse, while we know it as Pegasus from Greek mythology…” ref:  Astronomy – The Winged Horse

The Coat of Arms of the Rothschild Family

The Coat of Arms of the Rothschild Family

So, in the video, we see a Satanic ritual centered on “The Dark Horse” (Nimrod) sung by a “witch”, who in fact, represents Semiramis, the prostitute whore consort to Nimrod.  Also note how she dances on the strippers pole, which is actually the “Ashera Pole” of Baal-Peor:

“…They (Amorites) worshipped multiple gods (i.e., fallen angel’s who represented themselves to the Amorite’s as “gods”). One of these was Baal-Peor, or “The Lord of the Flies”, a representation of Satan whose worship involved the most vile sexual customs. The worship of Baal-Peor included setting up a Ashera pole, around which the worshipper’s would perform sex acts. You know this pole in modern days as the “pole dancing” in strip clubs, and now popular as a form of working out…” – ref:  The Book of Joshua and the Destruction of Hazor Part 2

These two things are fully on display in the ritual:

And no wonder that this “artist” would degrade herself so, as she, along with many other “celebrities” has admitted that she literally “sold my soul to the devil” as seen here:

And just so we are clear that this is intended to promote Satanism to teenagers and younger, the article from the 2011 Denver Post spells out who she appeals to:

Flooding the concourses of the 1stBank Center on Tuesday night was a sea of teenagers, mostly young ladies — not quite the hypersexual “Teenage Dream” Katy Perry sings about in her hit songs.  But, of course, Perry’s fans skew young. Who else is pop radio’s biggest audience?