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                              “Men of perverse heart shall be far from me; I will have nothing to do with evil.”
                                                                                                                       Psalm  101:4
     Several years ago Newsweek magazine called this “the Age of Enlightenment Skepticism.”  That simply means that we live in a world that no longer believes in truth.  In another day men and women argued passionately about the truth; today we argue whether truth even exists, and if it does, how can anyone know the truth?  We are no longer sure as a culture how to determine right from wrong – or even if we should make the effort.  Many believe that truth exists in the eye of the beholder –  “That’s true for you but not necessarily for me.”  Truth becomes an entirely private affair with no implication for society at large.
     Against that growing trend we have these solemn words of David. They remind us that many false teachers are themselves the very spirit of untruth.  These “men of perverse heart” deny the very concept of truth – and they travel from place to place peddling their spiritual poison.  Christians must reject such teachers – to the point of refusing them any sort of personal welcome.  If we do welcome them, we are guilty of sharing in their evil deeds.
     Strong words indeed – but greatly needed in this day of immense spiritual confusion.  There are times when believers must aggressively oppose and refute false teaching and false teachers.  To do less is to traffic with the enemies of the Cross and make a mockery of everything we believe.
     These are exceedingly strong words, and one can wonder why David should feel impressed to write so bluntly.  I think I know the answer.  The longer we condone error, the easier it is to compromise.  Little by little we become conditioned to moral decline and intellectual apostasy until it no longer seems so wrong to us.

          What we do not oppose, we tolerate.


What we tolerate, we accept.

Abortion Crosses

What we accept, we praise.

666, the hand sign of the "trendy"...

666, the hand sign of the “trendy”…


What we praise, we practice.

The "Social Media" effect

The Satan effect


It may not happen overnight.  In fact, the process of spiritual decline may take its course over the years, the decades, the generations, but in the end the bills come due for not standing for the truth.
     Most of us know the famous illustration about the frog in the kettle.  Put a frog in a kettle with cold water and the frog will sit contentedly.  Now slowly turn up the heat a few degrees at a time.  Because the frog’s system has time to adjust, he doesn’t notice the changing temperature.  When the water finally reaches a boil, the frog senses danger and tries to jump out, but it’s too late.  His legs wont’ move anymore.
     Something like that happens to us when we coddle evil instead of facing it head-on and calling it what it is.  When we refuse to oppose that which is wrong, in the end evil doesn’t look so bad.
Lord, make me so sensitive to You that I will be sensitive to sin.  I want to love what You love and hate what You hate.  Amen.