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  “I hate and abhor falsehood but I love your law.”

                                                                                    Psalm  119:63
     “Love and hatred are the leading affections of the soul; if those be fixed aright, the rest move accordingly.”   So said Matthew Henry more than three hundred years ago.  You can tell a lot about a person by knowing what he loves – and what he hates.  If you love God’s Word, you must of necessity hate that which is opposed to God’s truth.
     Not long ago I did a brief survey of how we are to respond to false teachers.  Here is what I found.  We are to:
                         1.  Guard against them – Acts  20:31
                         2.  Have no fellowship with them – Ephesians  5:11
                         3.  Avoid them – Romans  16:17
                         4.  Reject them – Titus  3:10
                         5.  Refute them – Titus  1:9
                         6.  Refuse them – 2 John  7-11
     One question might be raised at this point:  How can we reach an unsaved person if we must reject him outright?  That’s a good question.  Here’s the answer:  These warnings are directed at false teachers, not confused people.  Most of the unsaved people around us could not be called “false teachers.”  The vast majority (well over 90 percent, I would say) are so confused that they hardly know what they believe, much less are able to explain it to anyone else.
     This is not a warning about spending time with confused people.  Not at all.  But it is a warning against spending too much time with those people who have given themselves over to the promotion of false doctrine and/or moral evil.  When we find such a person, we are not to support him in any way.  Let me make that stronger.  We are not to support, encourage, or in any other way encourage those who teach, spread, or promote falsehood or moral evil.
     The application of that truth is simple:  We have to live in a fallen world, but we don’t have to support things we know are wrong.  (My comment:  You are not a Republican, or a Democrat, you are a living, breathing soul whose allegiance is not to this world, but the one to come)
     We need discernment lest we end up supporting heresy!  Many today want:
           –   God but not Jesus
           –   Jesus but not Jesus only
           –   Jesus but not Jesus the Son of God
           –   A Jesus of their own making
           –   A buddy, a pal, a friend….but not the sovereign Lord
           –   A good example but not an Eternal Lord
           –   A multicultural gospel that promises everyone will go to heaven
           –   Religion but not a relationship with Jesus Christ
           –   An end to dogma and strong Bible doctrine
           –   To bring non-Christian religions to a level equal with Christianity
           –   To do away with sin, judgment, and eternal hell
           –   Do-it-yourself Christianity but not the Christianity of the Bible
     We must be aware of these tendencies, and we must actively oppose those who promote them.  Matthew Henry once more:   “The more we see of the amiable beauty of truth the more we shall see of the detestable deformity of a lie.
Lord God, I pray for a heart of love fully grounded
             in the truth of Your Word.  Amen.