We are meant to be stewards of the Earth, and yet we are destroyers…God will not forget.

It Was Only A Dream

Originally Published at RT on May 09, 2014 21:06

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Reuters / Dominic Ebenbichler

Scientists are closer to pinpointing the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the disease killing off honeybees and threatening pollination of the world’s crops. Their research is blaming two popular insecticides.

Eight neonicotinoids from different companies are currently on the market.[11]

Name Company Products Turnover in million US$ (2009)
Imidacloprid Bayer CropScience Confidor, Admire, Gaucho, Advocate 1,091
Thiamethoxam Syngenta Actara, Platinum, Cruiser 627
Clothianidin Sumitomo Chemical/Bayer CropScience Poncho, Dantosu, Dantop 439
Acetamiprid Nippon Soda Mospilan, Assail, ChipcoTristar 276
Thiacloprid Bayer CropScience Calypso 112
Dinotefuran Mitsui Chemicals Starkle, Safari, Venom 79
Sulfoxaflor Dow Agrosciences Transform, Closer N/A
Nitenpyram Sumitomo Chemical Capstar, Bestguard 8

Researchers at Harvard University’s School of Public Health looked at the effect of two neonicotinoid insecticides on 18 colonies in central Massachusetts. They divided the colonies into…

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