The United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has released a requirement to build a new style of “body armor”, which will protect special forces soldiers from any type of ballistics fired at them.

It is quite interesting that they used the name TALOS for this project, as that is the same name given to a mythological Greek god of the same name, who was charged with protecting Europa (from whom we get Europe).
From Wikipedia, we find that TALOS “…as a giant man of bronze who protected Europa in Crete from pirates and invaders…Talos could be figured as a sacred bull…In the Cretan dialect, talôs was the equivalent of the Greek hêlios, the Sun…Martin P. Nilsson noted that Talos is evolved out of an old Cretan god, who became identified with Zeus…”

Europa is the “goddess” who became the emblem from Europe, and you can view her riding on the back of the Bull in front of the European Parliament:

abduction_of_europe_european_parliament_strasbourgAnd from where did this myth originate?  According to Peter Dawkins, “The myth relates how Zeus fell in love with the beautiful Europa and took on the form of a magnificent white bull in order to win her attention and affection. She subsequently fell in love with him, placed garlands around his neck and climbed onto his mighty shoulders. Zeus promptly took off with her, flying across the dark ocean of the universe to the Earth, where they came to rest in a secret place and made love. The result of their union was the birth of Hermes (Mercury).”

Furthermore, he states “The myth is in essence the same as that of Osiris and Isis, wherein Isis is Europa and Osiris is the Bull. (Osiris, in Egyptian myth, is represented as a bull.) Horus, the child of Isis, fathered by Osiris, is equivalent to Hermes, the child of Europa, fathered by Zeus (the Bull).”

It is clear, from my other postings on Nimrod, that ALL god’s and goddesses originate from Nimrod and his whore prostitute wife, Semiramis.  It is clear that in each manifestation, the “god” is a Solar or Sun god, because Nimrod worshiped the sun and fire.  He also used the Bull as his symbol, and so subsequently do all other derivations of him.  Nimrod was the first to organize warrior classes, and subjected all peoples as “citizens” of his governments.

The Bull comes up in another place, however.  First, it was the “golden calf” that the Israelites worshiped, when Moses was upon the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments.  This was, in fact, the worship of Nimrod and what he stood for, the fallen angels.  Nimrod believed he was part human, part god, and that his forefather’s were of the fallen angels, who came down to Earth on Mt Hermon and bonded in their plan to intermingle with the race of humans as told in the Book of Enoch

Finally, it is the whore Babylon, riding on the Bull, which is written in the Book of Revelations:

“So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.” Revelations 17:3

It is this concept, of a “god” protecting Europe, who in fact is Nimrod, protecting the “Whore of Babylon”, that this Special Operations robot suit is derived from.  And no wonder, for Special Operations is a very occult organization, which attempts to transform men into “god warriors” who carry on in the Nimrod spirit of warfare and blood-letting world-wide.

Why do you think they call them “HEROES“?