“And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” — Luke 10:18

The place was a black abyss, with an eerie green glow off in the distant horizon.  A mist hung over the barren landscape, poisonous in it’s reach, hovering over the ground like a ghostly apparition.  No life was seen because no life could live here.

As the landscape zoomed in so the human eye could behold, small pockets of flame were shooting out from hundreds, no thousands of bubbling holes in the ground, undulating like thousands of tiny fairies of light, hypnotic dancers all moving randomly across the desolation.  As the sound became clearer, it was evident that the fires were not normal, and seemed to take on a life of their own, never getting too large, but licking the air and mist like a snake sensing it’s prey.

As the view was finally in focus, a strange sound could be heard – a sort of whirring that seemed to be getting closer.  Panning out again to the horizon, at a distance of a mile or so, a single point of light could be seen descending from the heights unknown.  Being so far off, it was flickering like a candle in a soft breeze, tumbling, leaving a faint trail of smoke in it’s wake.

Then, another point of light, and another, and another, and very quickly the black sky was painted with moving stars, all going in the same direction, tumbling down, down, down.

As they touched down, no, crashed into the landscape, each made a terrible sound, accompanied by a single flash, so that as each hit, it was like lightning strikes going off in the distance, where the light reaches the eye and a few seconds later the corresponding sound.

Now, everywhere there are crashing stars, fireworks and thunder as hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of points of light exploded, then quickly fade to black.  Left in their wake is a sickening smell, a mixture of decay, smoking ash and a corruption that was repugnant to the senses.

Moving in closer, we see that these stars were in fact, creatures.  Hideous, smouldering, crying out in anguish and fear, bewildered and confused.  All around, thousands of horrific monsters are laying prone and convulsing, guttural sounds that no human mind would be able to comprehend, much less imitate.  Some larger than others, some with wings that seem double or triple their body, but blackened by fire and smoke.  The wings moving  imperceptibly, and seem to be disconnected from the creatures they are attached to, in a sort of mad ballet that has escalated to a cacophony.

And in the center of this madness, a creature with one knee down, kneeling with it’s head hidden between two monstrous wings of pure black, three times the size of the next largest being.  It stares with utter disbelief, anger, frustration and confusion, not sure of what has happened, not sure of where it is.  It hears the hideous screams and anguished cries all around it, but is not moved to quiet them.  Slowly, as it’s own sense of self regains it’s blackened composure, it looks out across the smoky ruins, with eyes that pierce like red coals of fire.

Bracing itself, the gigantic creature slowly lifts itself, using it’s charred wings to compensate for it sense of vertigo.  As it rises, it slowly rotates it’s gaze, left, then right, taking in all the horrific scene has to transmit.  It’s body deformed into macabre sense of trauma, so that when it stands erect upon it’s feet, it appears to be a scaly, oozing mass.

Steeling it’s own nerves, and narrowing it’s eyes into serpentine slits, it cocks it’s head back and vomit’s a sound explosion of anger and disgust that reverberates across the wasteland, echoing into the distance.  Immediately every living creature for hundreds of yards around it stops and turns their gaze towards the gigantic creature.

It opens its mouth, and Satan begins to speak…