“…thy speech bewrayeth (betrayeth) thee.”   Matthew  26:73
   It makes little difference how dumb you are, if you only keep your mouth shut, no one will find it out.  Nothing reveals the character of a man like his tongue.  The tongue reveals what is going on inside.  One of the first things your doctor says when you go to him, is, “Let me see your tongue.”  It is often possible to make a diagnosis just on the condition of the tongue.  A clean tongue means a good digestion and health.  A coated tongue indicates some disturbance of health.  Different diseases can be detected by the peculiar condition of the tongue.  Measles, scarlet fever, diabetes, and many infections are characterized by changes in the tongue.  A fuzzy coated tongue, a bright red inflamed tongue, a dry tongue, a cracked tongue, or a spotted tongue – these will often reveal some particular disease.  Yes, the doctor can learn a great deal just by looking at your tongue.
     This is even more true as a test of spiritual health.  Let me see your tongue, for “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh”  (Matthew  12:34).  Peter in the judgment hall made the mistake of opening his mouth.  He talked too much, and some of the folks recognized his dialect and said,  “Thou also art one of them for thy speech be bewrayeth thee.”  This is true in at least four ways of our speech.
     1.  It tells the country from which we came.
     2.  It reveals education and refinement, or the lack of it.
     3.  It betrays our chief interest in life.  We talk about the things we love the most.
     4.  Our speech also reveals to which country we are going, for travelers to Glory will speak “the language of Heaven,” while                 travelers to Hell will speak  “the language of the pit.”
     A filthy tongue reveals a filthy heart.  “If a man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able to bridle the whole body”  (James  3:2).  Let me see your tongue!
Thanks to my wife Jill for sending me this from her reading.