The Army has disciplined a military chaplain for making references to the Bible during a suicide-prevention seminar last month.

A serviceman brought the Judeo-Christian religious content to the attention of a atheist group, which complained about it. Now, the chaplain is fighting back, maintaining he did nothing wrong.


The chaplain, Capt. Joe Lawhorn, conducted the training session on suicide prevention Nov. 20 at the University of North Georgia. During the session, he shared his personal struggles with depression while an Army ranger.

Here is the memo he received as part of the reprimand for bring his personal faith as a CHAPLAIN to the briefing he gave:


Still think the military are the “good guys” in white?


"Who are you guys?"  -- "We're the good guys, Michael"  - Lost

“Who are you guys?” — “We’re the good guys, Michael” – Lost