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“…. a wise man’s heart discerneth both time and Judgment.”  Ecclesiastes  8:5

Ecclesiastes 85

     It is said that the great cathedral of Milan has a beautiful triple-doored entrance.  All three doorways are crowned by splendid arches, artistically carved with thought-provoking inscriptions.  Over one is a wreath of roses etched in stone with the legend:  “All that which pleases is but for a moment.”  Over another is sculptured a cross accompanied by the words:  “All that which troubles is but for a moment.”  On the largest doorway of all, however – the great central entrance to the main circle – there is this most telling of all the inscriptions:  “That only is important which is eternal!”  Indeed, as life moves inexorably onward there will come both passing pleasures and bruising sorrows.  Only the spiritually wise recognize that all these experiences must be trustfully woven together so that the texture of life which results is well pleasing to God and worthy of being exhibited in His eternal “Gallery of Rewards.”

     Harleigh M. Rosenberger has written most poetically,  “Life is like a fine piece of Oriental tapestry, put together with many exquisite strands.  It has the gold of success, the crimson of suffering, and the somber hues of sorrow.  Through the grace of God, all of these are made into a pattern of beauty.  Through every experience, God can help the person weave a fabric of loveliness and wisdom.”

     The year ahead is untried – it is a beckoning tomorrow fraught with new experiences and possibilities.  The wise in heart will enter it with faith, hope, and Scriptural optimism, determine to take advantage of every God-given opportunity.

But once I pass this way, and then – and then,

    The silent door swings on its hinges – opens – closes –

And no more I pass this way.

    So while I may, with all my might,

I will assay sweet comfort and delight

    To all I meet upon the Pilgrim Way,

For no man travels twice the Great Highway

    That climbs through darkness up to light,

Through night – to day!

                                           – John Oxenham