In the following video, technology is shown that can make you believe you are witnessing “miraculous” events.  These are 3D holograms, projected over a very wide Field of View (FOV), using something called Strotium Barium Niobate as the “screen”.

This technology was first discussed and shown to be able to project any hologram for periods of hours to several days (see Army document  ADA338490 from 1998).  Though technical in format, the document states that Strotium Barium Niobate can be used to project any 3D hologram over a very wide field of view (i.e., so many thousands of people would see it simultaneously) for hours up to days at a time.  The obvious purpose of this technology would be to deceive and confuse the “enemy” populace.  Combine this with the Army and AF studies on using microwave technology to send “voices” into peoples minds (see HERE and HERE), and bring the technology up to date.  We then should be able to see the evil capabilities of it to deceive even “the very elect” if they do not have a clear understanding of events in the Bible.

Will Satan and his personification the AntiChrist, use this technology?  I would argue that technology IS a device created through “useless knowledge” from pre-flood days(see my post on the Fall of the Angels), and thus will play some important role in the final deception.  Remember that Christ warned us to watch, and be prepared for an attempt to deceive us…