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Any Christian who has a son in the Boy Scouts of America, now has a free-will choice to make.  Before, if there were gay leaders in it, you did not necessarily KNOW that the BSA was allowing them in.  Now, you KNOW (see latest article announcing their entry by the President of the BSA, former CIA head Robert Gates, yeah, that’s who you want leading a traditionally Christian youth organization).

This decision brings sharply into focus the BSA’s own self-described aims of developing young men:  “…The objectives of the BSA are referred to as Aims of Scouting: moral character development; citizenship training; and development of physical, mental, and emotional fitness

Thus, we see that societies belief’s, and the interpretation of those beliefs, will change with time.  However, God’s words do NOT change.  They are everlasting, and of course, when someone states that Christians are homophobic, they are literally saying that GOD is Homophobic.

This is quite literally the clay critiquing the potter’s hand that formed them.

Good luck with that one, Tutu...that and a quarter will get you on the fast train to your final destiny

Good luck with that one, Tutu…that and a quarter will get you on the fast train to your final destiny

As I say, it is now up to each and every Christian involved in this God-blaspheming organization to now make a personal, free-will decision.  Are you going to “change with the times”, and constantly sniff the air to see which direction the bowel movement is blowing from so you can align yourself with it?  You must realize, as a rational thinking being that this is just the beginning, correct?  The die is set; True Christianity will one day be marked officially as a “Hate Group”, a badge, if we are marked that way by society, I will not run away from.  (see this story)

Or, are you, as a sojourner in a strange land, going to stand on the Rock which laid the foundation of the universe, and say NO to this latest outrage against God?

It’s a simple question, yet eternal in it’s response.  The day will come, when you have made so many concessions to your faith that there is nothing left, a room swept clean.  You will have nothing to fill it, and so, Satan (the god of this world, who is known, yet not known) will gladly come in and fill that wretched space for himself.

“I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.’–John 5:43

Do you know who the one who comes in his own name is?   If you don’t, you will in the end.

bEAST QUOTE 1Tania, Witch in Church of Satan…the epitome of self-actualization