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A temple of Satanists recently unveiled a statue of a Baphomet, which is their view of what Satan looks like, in Detroit.


Baphomet statue, with children in adoration.

From the Independent Newspaper:

A Satanic organisation have unveiled a controversial 9ft statue in Detroit – following an attempt to have it installed near a 10 Commandments monument in Oklahoma.

The Satanic Temple unveiled the bronze Baphomet sculpture just before midnight to cheers of: “Hail Satan.”

Hundreds attended the display, with many supporters posing for photos with the statue, which has a human body, goat’s head and wings.  Statues of a boy and a girl in poses of adoration stand on either side….The group unsuccessfully applied to have the statue placed near a monument to the 10 Commandments installed on the Oklahoma State Capitol grounds in 2012….The location of the one-tonne Baphomet statue was kept secret until the last minute to avoid planned demonstrations against the unveiling….”

Each person attending had to apply for a ticket, which included the requirement to sell their soul to Satan, redeemable immediately upon demand:

Satanic Temple document

This same organization has filed a lawsuit against the state of Missouri, saying that it is against their religion to prohibit abortion for a 72-hour “waiting period”, CITING the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”, which goes to show how much help Christians should expect from government.

Finally, what is the Baphomet, and why is it in this post?  It is a representation of Satan, the false “angel of light” who illuminates, or grants you knowledge (just like he did in the Garden of Eden.  The entire capital of Washington D.C. is a Satanic site in architecture and layout, as seen in this view: