The recent airing of Planned Parenthood “sting” videos has brought into sharp focus the issue of society versus Christian beliefs.

First, let’s summarize Society belief:

a.  What they (Planned Parenthood) did as far as supplying baby parts for “research” is completely legal.  Well, Hitler legalized the gassing of Jews, homosexuals, and Christians alike.  The slavery industry was legal.  The torturing of American citizens was legal.  The wholesale murder of literally millions of middle-eastern and far-eastern civilian’s was “legal”.  Drone assassinations of innocent bystanders was legal.  Just because it is legal does not make it moral.  The argument that the babies dead body contributes to medical research presupposes the need for the baby to die.  This is circular logic of the worst kind.  Which side of the line should a Christian maintain?

b.  Society says morals are relative.  What is right for you may not be right for me.  That may be true in terms of what your favorite color is, clothes, etc.  But, as a CHRISTIAN, there is no moral relativism.  There is only right and wrong.  And where do we get the concept of right and wrong?

c.  Because a large majority “supposedly” support abortion, it is right.  Well, Hitler had literally millions of followers, Jesus Christ had 12 at first.  Which was right?  Number of followers means nothing.

I do not know if the organization releasing these videos are a Christian organization.  I have doubts, mainly because THEY refer to the babies as fetus (not only in the undercover videos, but in interviews with the press).  However, the video’s present a clear line in the sand for Christians.

Now, what kind of stressors can we as Christian’s expect from people around us (even close friends and relatives)?

a.  Every family is different, and have very differing viewpoints.  However, if it is made definitively clear that a friend or family member states that their belief’s are their own, and they don’t judge others for a belief system that is different, that SHOULD trigger an immediate thought:  If that person or persons will not call what is happening in these video’s total evil and publicly condemn it, are you as a Christian to stand by and say “oh well, that’s their feelings, not mine”.

b.  Where do you stand, in society and all of it’s trappings, or with Jesus Christ, the only one in the universe that see’s something in you that is redeemable, so much so that He laid down His life for you?  It is a very slippery slope to try and be In the world and Of the world…

c.  If this unspeakable horror does not move you to declare your line in the sand as far as your interpersonal relationships, what will?  Do you notice that “Holy” people like the Pope, Obama (after all, he is god), Desmond Tutu, and [enter name here] have not spoken out in horror of these videos?  Yet they will argue for the death of one or more lions…We all KNOW what Jesus Christ would say about this, and demand of his followers – have nothing to do with moral relativists…

d.  In every case when Jesus or a disciple was faced with truly evil people or even discussing true evil, their response was not “soft” or “kind-hearted”, it was of condemnation in the absolute strongest terms.  Don’t confuse softness with accommodation, they are two different things entirely,

Here are a few additional things you might want to consider, if you are a true Christian:

a.  From the videos, it now appears there is more to abortion than just “helping” women.  It appears to have a more sinister motive, that at least of profit.  However, the question NOT being answered at this point is why so many murdered babies are needed for “research”.  I have a deep suspicion that it goes much darker than this.

b.  Satanists believe that you can draw the most power from the death of an innocent baby.  This is why all through the past, baby sacrifice was prominent (especially after the tribes of Israel had fallen away from God).  With literally millions of babies being murdered each year, what is now being revealed provokes the question:  Are women being used to feed some sort of demonic enterprise?  This cannot be just about research, which in itself is an unacceptable excuse.

Thousands of pills filled with Baby Flesh

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Where is your line in the sand?  If you will not make this your defining moment as a Christian, will you ever?