[Updated 12 Aug 2015] – A year ago to the day from when the Marines and Special Forces landed on Sinjar Mountain to supposedly rescue the Yazidi’s from ISIS (Which is a creation of the west, see my other blog, It Was Only A Dream for more on this), we find that we did NOT rescue ANY Yazidi’s (see “Rescue Mission Unlikely” from a year ago), after stating that the siege by ISIS was over.  This proved to be very, very false and the story out today about ISIS capturing and raping thousands of Yazidi’s published by the NY Times makes it even more apparent that we willingly left those people on that mountain to be slaughtered and put into sexual slavery.  Always remember that following Christ is not the same as following a nation or ideology, and if you get caught up in the latter, the former (Jesus Christ) will reject you on the day of judgement.

This graphic is from Washington Post, dated 12 Aug 2014 and is archived HERE

The text from Washington Post reads as follows:  (I have emphasized one line of the text)

Green Berets land on Sinjar Mountain

A team of about 20 Army Green Berets landed on the isolated mountain range to assess conditions, but returned to Irbil later in the day. An estimated 20,000 Yazidis are still trapped by Islamic State (IS) fighters and urgently require emergency assistance.The 4,400-foot-high Sinjar range is venerated by the Yazidis. They believe it to be the place where Noah’s ark settled after the biblical flood. The Sinjar Mountains are a barren ridge, four miles wide, 25 miles long and devoid of plant life, water or shade.


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Notice the Sinjar mountains in relation to Mosul, Irbil, and Turkey.  The Ararat Mountains, where the Bible states the ark came to rest, are to the north.  Mosul, right across the Tigris river (one of the rivers that fed the Garden of Eden) from ancient Nineveh, lies just to the east.  Nineveh was built by Nimrod during the time immediately following the Tower of Babel (Genesis Ch 10).