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[Updated 26 Aug 2015] – Stem Express – “Tell the lab it’s coming, so they don’t open the box and go ‘Oh God!’

In this video, Stem Express CEO is seen talking about using the “entire Calvarium”, which means the skull and eyes with the brain…Also, again, the financial benefits of selling innocent babies horribly murdered and dismembered are talked about with less empathy than swatting a fly away from your food…

[Updated 20 Aug 2015] – It’s not a mistake

A former specimen collector talks about the harrowing experience of infantcide and having to mutilate the baby to get the brain out…This is your legacy America…God will avenge these babies.

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[Update 12 Aug 2015] – Inside the Planned Parenthood Supply Site]

A former specimen collector (i.e., baby tissue) gives her account of what it was like to work inside:

Update 04 Aug 2015] – Intact Fetuses “Just a Matter of Line Items” for Planned Parenthood TX Mega-Center.

I know from a Christian perspective, it is extremely difficult and disturbing to watch these videos…however, how will you know where evil is unless you see it for yourself, when the Media, government and even your own thoughts are saying it’s no big deal?  THESE ARE INNOCENT BABIES, NOT FETUS’s, who have been destroyed in the absolute worst way, a way that if done to a dog and videotaped, would have psycho’s calling for that person’s head on a pike.  But, if it’s an unborn baby, we can just be sophisticated and have our wine and salad while we talk about destroying the life of what Jesus Christ said was the most beloved in Heaven.

[Updated 03 Aug 2015 part 2] – In this blistering piece, it is revealled why the restraining order was sought…ful and intact babies bodies were being sold to StemExpress, according to Natural News article HERE

In the following interview the host keeps it all “sophisticated”, repeatedly saying that it is all legal…never once showing the least bit of compassion for the horrible atrocity being performed.

This is what we have come to, a nation of Satanic worshippers, waiting at the operating table with salivating mouths, ready to destroy a baby that God says He knew from before it was formed:Intact Fetuses “Just a Matter of Line Items” for Planned Parenthood TX Mega-Center

Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”

God, please find it in Your will to avenge the millions upon millions of innocent babies who were not only murdered, but their bodies were desecrated afterward.  May your justice be delivered in the severest way possible, and your wrath come down upon the guilty…

[Updated 03 Aug 2015] – A judge has temporarily restrained the release of other videos on the claim that it would irreparably damage the abortion industry (talk about the obvious, that’s the POINT).  If I were that center, I might think about having a hacker group, say “Anonymous”, hack their system, steal the video’s and begin publishing them.

Here is the Order from the Judge (Appointed by Obama)

[Updated 30 Jul 2015] – This is what a sophisticated society does…I do not want anyone who claims to be a Christian to make any kind of comment in defense of this…Do not ever think this is anything more than Satanic Sacrifice, and God’s Son will avenge all of these innocent babies upon His return…I only wish I were alive to see it happen…

[Updated 28 Jul 2015]

Click the following link if no longer available on Youtube:
“…I Want a Lamborghini…”

[Updated 21 Jul 2015]
A second video has been produced which proves Planned Parenthood’s director is lying when she says they do not profit in any way from the selling of babies dead body parts.  The face Nazi war crimes (really, let’s call it what it is, Satanic ritualistic murder and mutilation) is a live an well:

Watch the video first:

(If the video is no longer available, I have archived it HERE)

Then listen to the technical, insane rebuttal by the head of Planned Parenthood who is actually on the above video acknowledging selling of the murdered BABIES:

But of course, you aren’t “sophisticated” if you don’t see this as a natural, legal and ethical practice…


“…mislead or corrupt (a person, an argument, the mind, etc.) by sophistry.  “books of casuistry, which sophisticate the understanding and defile the heart“…

God will take his vengeance out some day soon, and I only hope I can be alive to see it…

For those who are more in the world, than of the world (remember, as a Christian we are but sojourners, this is not our home), remember that each time you accept a “compromise” in your belief’s because you have rationalized the argument, you are making a free-will decision that will affect your eternity.

For non-Christians, and (c)hristians, this is where compromise leads…

We as the real Christians, are attacked on every side, and it will not be very far off when we will be labelled as a Hate group, and the real persecution begins.  Be prepared for that day, when you will have to make your final witness for Christ…