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[Update 04 Sept 2015] – with only the month of September remaining, FY 2015 will surpass the last 3 years, as has been the case every year since I begin tracking these.  This is the first year since 2012 that every month (with only September to go) had over 1000 +2.5 magnitude earthquakes.  There is something going on and we are not being told.

September only needs 357 earthquakes to make FY 2015 the biggest year (so far each month has exceeded 1000) -- Click chart to make bigger

With only 357 earthquakes, September will cause 2015 to be the 3rd consecutive year with more earthquakes than previous years. Each month in 2015 has exceeded 1000, so it is 99% certainty. CLICK CHART TO VIEW LARGER

I am providing a live link to the monthly chart, which will always show my most current edits.  Remember that these are monthly totals of earthquakes >2.5 in magnitude.  You can view it HERE

[Updated 07 Aug 2015]

The month of July sets a record for number of earthquakes, and is primarily due to the huge number on the west coast / Alaska, both of which I am sure you have heard very little about. As in the last 4 years, 2015 will show an increase every year in the number of earthquakes worldwide. I doubt any of you have seen this in the Mainstream Media, and the question is: Why?

(Month of July is the bold Red Line)
All data compiled on a monthly basis from USGS
[Updated 29 Mar 2014] – I have provided a link HERE that will let you see my latest updates to the chart as I edit it…it is live on Google Docs…

Go to Live Google Docs Earthquakes Chart

Updated 02 Feb 2014:  I have been tracking earthquake data on a daily basis since Oct 2011, and created chart’s based on that data to show there IS a definite rise in earthquake activity across the world.  This can be seen by total number of earthquakes in 2013 (11,329) versus 2012 (10762). Also note that for FY14, there is a even larger increase from 2012.

As you can see, there is an overall rise in earthquakes that is continuing into 2014  (All data is from the USGS website)

Updated 06 Feb 2013:  An 8.0 earthquake hit the Santa Cruz islands off the coast of Australia after many, many previous earthquakes in the last week or so. As of 05:45 EST, there have been 119 large aftershocks (Average Mag >5.2) and a tsunami with a 1.5M wave has struck the Solomon Islands…here is a new’s feed on Google and, of course, a live update of earthquakes around the world

Here is a screen shot of the Santa Cruz islands from the USGS site, showing 119 earthquakes as of 06 Feb / 9:00 PM EST:

Earthquakes - 7 days, M2.5+


And here is a summary view of the last month of significant (i.e., >2.5) earthquakes worldwide, how many of these have you seen in the news?  And if not, why?