This blog is not directed towards Christians; though I do believe Christians should know some of the things I post about.  Instead, this blog is primarily focused on non-believers and (c)hristians* who will respond to things that are proven versus “faith”.

*I call any person who is both in the world and of the world but professes to be a  Christian, a (c)hristian, or “little c” Christian.  They are as “dogs returning to their vomit”, not knowing the error of their ways, thus cursed (and happy) to continually repeat their error.

This is a project I have attempted, in one form or another, a couple of times, and have been dissatisfied with the results.

In this latest attempt, I will try and show a variety of different theme’s from the Bible, directly quoting the Bible, along with stories or historical documents and adding my own comments.

Hopefully, it will reveal new concepts of what God’s plan is to you and me, and help to explain the evil and lie that is perpetuating down through history to today.

If you would like to see the world as it is (the fallen prince of this world’s domain), read my blog “It Was Only A Dream


To think is a revolutionary act…to critically think is an evolutionary act…”


1 thought on “About”

  1. Hey brother , I do mean that . We are not only elect but very wise elders . We are whether we do it to gather or apart , I don’t know ? Because the time to wright the book of Daniel is almost over . Too gather that is . We all have our gifts , please check out my teacher Jim Brown , he has the largest following I think in the world of elect . Most baby’s . Maybe 1-2k , you do know there can’t be many bing quickend by God now ? For two prophecys . One the apostasy , two when Satan sites on Nimrods throne . That’s when God will pour out his spirit in the last days , with only 3years left in the world , Now keep in mind there is a easy why for them , the book of Daniel . The best commentary ever !!! . I know this blood moon Satan shall come at a fake 1st trumpet , maybe befor . Hey don’t give up ! I have only found two elect in 4 years , they are maken copies ! We must ! I can’t get Jim to do it neither , he is prod ! Maybe you two ? Please call me 225-274-6304 or tex , my site is proof I’m elect . Are you not looking for us ?

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