Bible in the News

Rise of Earthquakes Worldwide

The Red Heifer: Are you watching?

The political implications of a Biblical Prophecy: The Ethiopian Dam

Ancient Clay Seals provide evidence of King David

The Military Disciplines Chaplain for his Faith

Scientists: You should listen to the Father

Numbers 19: The Red Heifer has been found

Hero or Demon?  Judas Iscariot

The greatest hoax: Evolution and Christian “rationalization”

Israeli says he has found King David’s citadel

Ethiopia thwarts Egypt by paying for Nile dam itself

Genesis was correct: The waters of the deep

Revolt’ Over Bible Verse Removal Leads to Air Force Academy Explanation

Silver earrings found in city from time of Exodus

The Falling Away: Tolerance in the Military Chapel

The Falling Away from Wisdom to Ignorance

Is Israel going to replace the Dome of the Rock?

The 3,000-year-old inscription that could prove Old Testament stories are TRUE

The Temple Mount: Prophecy in motion

The Lord’s Blessing from ancient times

Book of Isaiah:  Fortress of Ashdod found

Mystery surrounds Egyptian sphinx unearthed in Israel

[German newspaper denies THIS story is anti-Semitic]

[3000 year old fragment with text proves David’s kingdom existed]

[Christians detained for distributing the New Testament in Greece]

[Archaeologists Dig Up King David’s Palace] – First thought to be covered up by the Israeli government, it is now confirmed.  Read HERE on why this discovery presents huge problems for unbelievers of the Bible…

[The drying up of the Nile as foretold in Prophecy]The Coming Affliction of the Nile

[Tall el-Hammam – Discovery of Sodom?]

[Israel may be covering up King David’s Palace]

[Discovery of UR remains, city of Abraham]

Read more:

[Evidence of the exodus of Israel]

Read more:

[Israel museum to exhibit reconstructed tomb in world’s first exhibition on biblical King Herod]

Read more:

[Archeologist claims evidence of Noah’s flood]

Read more:

[Biblical ruins probed by Lawrence of Arabia facing modern strife in war-torn Syria]

Read more:


[Israeli scholars claim possible evidence of Samson]

Scholars in Israel say they may have uncovered the first archaeological evidence of Samson, the Biblical slayer of Philistines whose might was undone by his lust for the temptress Delilah

[Science on MSNBC, 02 Jul 2012] – Article about discovery of a mosaic from 400-500 AD depicting Samson.

[Discovery News, 24 May 2012] – Article showing how scientists have confirmed the earthquake that happened on the day Jesus was crucified…

[Christian Post, 08 May 2012] – Article showing archeological findings that support the fortified city created during King David’s reign (many scholars say King David is a myth)

[Singularity Blog, 22 Feb 2012) – Article about how “new age” scientists are puzzled by the ceiling of human age to be stuck at 114…notice my note on the beginning of the post…

[9 News, 11 Dec 2011]

Lunar eclipse turns Moon blood red

[Washington Post, 20 Oct 2011]

Researchers shed light on source of Earth’s water



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