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From “The Two Babylon’s”, 1826:

“Now, as the Babylon of the Apocalypse (Catholic Church) is characterized by the name of “MYSTERY,” so the grand distinguishing feature of the ancient Babylonian system was the Chaldean “MYSTERIES,” that formed so essential a part of that system.

Their (Nimrod’s Babylon/Catholic Church) primary object was to introduce privately, by little and little, under the seal of secrecy and the sanction of an oath, what it would not have been safe all at once and openly to propound.

Chaldean Mysteries can be traced up to the days of Semiramis, who lived only a few centuries after the flood, known to have impressed upon the ante-flood peoples the image of her own depraved and polluted mind.
She herself was a paragon of unbridled lust and licentiousness, but in the MYSTERIES which she had a chief hand in writing, she was worshiped as:


Semiramis raised the very city (Babylon) where she had reigned as the grand seat of idolatry and “consecrated” prostitution. Thus, was this Chaldean queen a fit and remarkable prototype of the “Woman” of the Apocalypse, with the golden cup in her hand, and the name on her forehead, “Mystery, Babylon the Great”, mother of harlots and abominations of the earth:

It is noteworthy to see that the Roman Catholic Church itself actually used the symbol of the woman bearing the Cup, with the legend around her “Sedet super universum”, “The Whole World is her Seat” on it’s celebration coin of the Jubilee: (note, who else does that woman remind you of with her “sun rays”?)

Since it was dangerous for the church, during it’s early formation, to introduce such Satanic emblems out in the open, just as in Nimrod’s time, they were introduced thru rituals and oath’s, to include confessions, where by the “priest” would know intimate knowledge of the “initiate” which could be used to bind them to an oath of secrecy.

Ever wonder why, though in the New Testament, it makes no distinction between the congregation and the priest’s when it comes to confession of sins (i.e., the leaders were to admit their sins to the congregation), that is not the way it is in the Catholic Church (or any church for that matter). Exactly WHO are the leader’s of the church confessing their sins to?

This is why Paul saed “The mystery of iniquity doth already work” (2 Thess ii 7).  It was corrupting the “church” before the “church” became a religion!

So, who does the Catholic Church really worship, Mary or the original harlot, Semiramis, in disguise as Mary?